Wind energy is one of the fastest growing alternative energy sources, and technological evolution has allowed for new levels of wind power capacity. With the potential to produce more energy than hydroelectricity, wind farms could supply 20% of the world’s energy demand by the year 2050. In this scenario, Brazil would be a protagonist: according to projections, already in 2016 the country will feature among the top five nations with best wind power capacity in the world.

Brain Energy’s wind power installations have the potential of generating 1,200 megawatts of renewable energy. They were created to meet the demands of economic growth in southern Brazil through the supply of electricity to both free and regulated Brazilian markets.


An inexhaustible and clean energy source, solar radiation is abundant in Brazil. It has enormous growth potential due to technological advances and therefore emerges as a viable alternative energy for the present and for the future. Solar power can supply the need for sustainable energy and offers a reliable alternative for those in search of energy security.

Brain Energy both develops and operates projects in the field of solar power generation. The company uses Brazilian technology but has an association with a foreign company, which allows for knowledge exchange in regards to implementing and operating solar plants in the European market.


Brain Energy has been a pioneer in developing studies and research for the implementation of services linked to the efficient managing of energy in southern Brazil. The Smart Grid system is capable of balancing energy supply sources and organizing consumption, in order to achieve high levels of efficiency and cost-benefit advantages. Present in Germany, the United States and Canada, this alternative system allows for a selection of the type of energy to be consumed, as well as their origin and periods of use. Besides operational gains, this system has the advantage of emitting low carbon emissions.